Rainbow Empire

  Martin Cockerham & Spirogyra



 This album is discontinued. The best songs from it are remastered and re-mixed and included on a new upcoming release from Japan in Febuary 2014



Martin Cockerham (Mahaksa):

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele

Mark Francis: Acoustic Guitar

John Richardson (Jayadeva): Drums, Percussion

Alex Gray: Piano, Keyboards

Pete Turtle: Drums, Bass, Lead Guitar, Hawaiian Sllde

Edd Mann: Acoustic Guitar

Silas Maitland: Bass

Nigel Portman Smith: Fretless Bass

Hugh Burns: Mandolin, Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Matt Holland: Trumpet, Fugal Horn

Binod: Flute

Tanya Jackson: Backing Vocals


Songs on the cd

1. Faery King (Cockerham)

2. Move On (Cockerham)

3What Happened Charlie Darwin? (Cockerham, Runciman)

4. I Saw A Lonesome Troubadour (Cockerham, Runciman, Francis)

5. Nomad (Cockerham, Francis, Runciman)

6. Everybody Get The Freedom (Cockerham, Francis)

7. Wise Men Say Krishna (Cockerham etc)

8. I'm Marrying Myself In The Early Spring

(Cockerham, Runciman)

9. Love Roll Me Over (Cockerham, Francis, Grey)

10. Purple Swan (Cockerham, Runciman)

11. Love Will Come Down (Impossible Mercy)

(Francis, Cockerham)

12. Come What May (Cockerham)



None Sine Sole Iris:
No Rainbow without the Sun
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