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‘Children's Earth’

Original Spirogyra album (Mark Francis & Martin Cockerham) Recorded 2006-8: 

This was a demo of the songs and is no longer available. The album will be re-recorded live at some point.


1. When The Time Is Right (Francis)

2. Mr. Mercurious (Cockerham, Runciman)

3. Your Star Will Shine (Francis, Cockerham)

4. Revolution Solution (Cockerham, Runciman)

5. Tolling Bell (Francis)

6. Call Sign (Francis, Cockerham)

7. Queen Of Trees (Francis, Cockerham)

8. Wings Of Steel (Cockerham)

9. I Can Do (Francis, Cockerham)

10. Dyin' Of Freedom (Cockerham)

11. Beautiful One (Cockerham)

12. Put Out That Fire (Cockerham)

Produced by Martin & Mark

Additional Arrangements by Amit Swami

Cover Art by Mahavishnu Swami




The Original Spirogyra: Martin Cockerham & Mark Francis 


 Martin & Mark Bolton 68 




‘The Original Spirogyra’

Founded by Martin & Mark, 1967 in Bolton, Lancashire


Mark Francis:

Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars,

Piano, Keyboards, Sax


Martin Cockerham:

Vocals, 6 & 12 String Acoustic Guitars


Produced by:  Martin Cockerham &  Mark Francis

Recorded in our home studios 2004-5

Mixed by Marco Martini & Martin & Mark

Additional Orchestration by Amit Swami


Completed 2008 – Spirogyra’s 40th Anniversary



‘Children’s Earth’


1. When The Time Is Right

(Mark Francis)


2. Mr. Mercurious

(Martin Cockerham & Robin Runciman) 


3. Your Star Will Shine

(Mark Francis & Martin Cockerham)


4. Revolution Solution

(Martin Cockerham & Robin Runciman) 


5. Tolling Bell

(Mark Fancis)


6. Call Sign

(Mark Francis & Martin Cockerham)


7. Queen Of Trees

(Mark Francis & Martin Cockerham)


8. Wings Of Steel

(Martin Cockerham)


9. I Can Do

(Mark Francis & Martin Cockerham)


10. Dyin’ of Freedom

(Martin Cockerham)


11. Beautiful One

(Martin Cockerham)


12. Put Out That Fire

(Martin Cockerham)




Spirogyra was formed by Martin Cockerham and Mark Francis in Bolton 1967-68

during the 'summer of love'

Their first gig was in 1968 at Bolton Octagon theatre. 

When Martin went to University in Canterbury in 69

he expanded the band. 






Spirogyra went on to record 5 albums. 


Mark still appeared from time to time! He's featured on 'Old Boot Wine'

A fourth album - previously unreleased demos - 'Burn The Bridges' 

was released in 2000.

The 5th album 'Swan Songs' may one day be released.

Martin and Mark have now reformed 'Spirogyra'.

'The Original Spirogyra'

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