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This was a promo made only to explore the possibility of releasing the material. Only 100 copies were made and very few remain.

This coming summer (august-october 2014) two albums will be released.

1. The album which was to have followed 'Bells Boots & Shambles' from 1973-4. Recorded live in Holland at the time and about to undergo augmentation.

2. An acoustic album of all never before released Spirogyra recordings from 1969-1972.

Both of these albums are undergoing restoration and remastering.












Swan Songs 69-74

This album is currently undergoing mastering
and the final track list is not yet decided. It will hopefully be released in 2014.


Martin Cockerham: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Congas

Barbara Gaskin: Vocals, Electric Piano

Julian Cusack: Violin, Piano

Steve Borrill: Bass

Rick Biddulph: Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitar

Jon Gifford: Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Harmonica    


All photos are copyright by:

Goaitsen van der Vliet in Stokvishal in Arnhem, Holland March 16, 1974

The album title is also his idea! 


All Songs Written By Martin Cockerham




None Sine Sole Iris:
No Rainbow without the Sun
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