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This was a rare homemade collection of some of the best

Spirogyra recordings, made as a free sampler. Only 100

copies were made and its no longer available.

















1.    Where There’s A Will There’s A Way *  3.29

2.    Home In The World *µ±   2.53

3.    Turn Again Lane *  4.34

4.    The Duke Of Mary * ±  7.39

5.    Runaway +*   3.22

6.    Here’s Today Crew *±   5.57

7.    She’s The One    3.26

8.    The Melody Maker Man   2.13

9.    Bring Me Back    3.01

10.                       Mackerels & Fishes    2.49

11.                       Parallel Lines *   2.53

12.                       Burn The Bridges   3.18

13.                       The Furthest Point * ∑€  6.20

14.                       In The Western World   12.57

              a) In The Western World

              b) Jungle Lore

              c) Coming Back

              d) The Western World Reprise

15.                       Time Will Tell #*±   4.16

16.                       Wings Of Thunder    3.08

17.                       World’s Eyes *  4.17

18.                       Captain’s Log  ±

19.                       A Canterbury Tale   2.33


All songs were written by Martin Cockerham

Except # (Time Will Tell) Julian Cusack, and + (Runaway) Steve Borrill

All songs © Published by Barbara Gaskin Music


These recordings are taken from 5 Spirogyra albums:

Burn The Bridges: (Si-Wan Records, Repetoire)

St Radigund’s: (Universal-Sanctuary)

Old Boot Wine: (Univesal-Sanctuary)

Bells Boots & Shambles: (Univesal-Sanctuary)

A Canterbury Tale: (Univesal-Sanctuary)


Spirogyra Members

Steve Borrill: Bass

Barbara Gaskin: Vocals

Julian Cusack: Violin, Piano

Mark Francis: Vocals, Electric Guitar

Martin Cockerham: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar



Spirogyra Support

Dave Mattacks: Drums

Dolly Collins: Arrangements

Max Hole: Management, Production

Martin Cockerham: Edits *, Production

Robert Kirby: Arrangements µ, Production ±

Pete Ball: Road Manager, Sound Engineer/Production












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