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Spirogyra Swan Songs 1972 Denmark









'Spirogyra' - the english psychedelic folk band are becoming increasingly famous over the years! This is on account of the 'ahead of it's time' unique and enduring quality of their music which continues to spread around the globe and amaze all who have not yet heard it.

The band was first formed by Martin Cockerham and Mark Francis in Bolton, England in 1968 and their first gig was at Bolton Octagon Theatre. 






Martin's bedroom at 1 Kinloch Drive, Bolton where band was formed.

In 1969 Martin went off to University in Canterbury and reformed the band. The new line up was Barbara Gaskin (vocals), Julian Cusack (Violin and Piano), Martin Cockerham (Acoustic Guitar and Vocals) and Steve Borrill (Bass guitar) with Pete Ball as sound engineer and Max Hole as manager.

 Spirogyra Canterbury 69













Mark Francis rejoined for the 'Old Boot Wine' album.



The band recorded 5 amazing albums:

'St Radigund's'












'Bells Boots & Shambles'

























'Old Boot Wine'



'Burn The Bridges'

Burn The Bridges





'Swan Songs' (69-79)






From 72-74 Martin and Barbara were joined by Rick Biddulph and Jon Gifford

In 2006 Sanctuary Records Released The 1st 3 albums

in a set with additional outakes not on other albums

Spirogyra Canterbury Tale











To hear some of these classic Spirogyra recordings go to:


Probably the best set of Spirogyra albums was put out by Si-Wan Records in Korea and can still be got from them with booklet and great art work.













Spirogyra Family Names

Spirogyra 1970 Canterbury

in back yard of

5 St Radigund's St. - near

Canterbury Cathedral.

Max Hole (Our Manager)

Pete Ball (Our Sound Engineer)

and Robert Kirby (Our Arranger/Producer) 

are all in this photo.





Martin Cockerham 1970







Martin and Barb

Canterbury 1973











Our first flier 1969











Mark Spiro


With Mark Francis

in band

Canterbury 1972

None Sine Sole Iris:
No Rainbow without the Sun
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