Spirogyra 5



 1. Love Roll Me Over  (3.40)

 2. Come What May  (4.00)

 3. Ship Ahoy  (2.36)

 4. Ain't Marrying You Babe  (2.49)

 5. Govinda Gopala  (4.24)

 6. Move On  (3.46)



 7. Marching To The Love Revolution  (2.37)

 8. Children's Earth  (3.35)

 9. Tolling Bell  (3.22)

10. Nomad  (3.00)

11. Impossible Mercy  (3.28)

12. Purple Swan  (4.49)



Martin Cockerham (Mahaksa): Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele

Mark Francis: Vocals (On Tolling Bell), Acoustic Guitar

Michael Tyack: Lute, Cittern, Banjo, Tamboura

Chloe Hunter: & Jo Mephan (Away With The Faeries): Vocals

Pascal Roggen: Violin

Henry Lowther: Trumpet

John Richardson (Jayadev): Percussion, Drums

Sailas Maitland: Bass

Alex Grey: Piano, Keyboards

Pete Turtle: Drums, Bass, Hawaiian Slide Guitar

Hugh Burns: Mandolin, Electric Guitar

Ed Mann: 6 & 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Binod: Flute 

Nigel Portman Smith: Fretless Bass (On Purple Swan)

Matt Holland: Flugal Horn (On Govinda Gopala)

Kiron J (Jag): Vocals, Synth (On Children’s Earth)

Neil Duckworth & Ant: Backing Track (On Children’s Earth)

Cosmic: space sound  (On Children’s Earth)


Produced by Martin Cockerham & Michael Tyack

Album Art Work by Cherrie Button

Graphic Design by Nikki Hurst

Thanks to Ivan Paliiski for support.


Contact:  spirogyra@facebook.com 


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© 2010 Turning Round Records

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